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Why Our Cables Are a “Better Business Gift

  • Perceived Value Greatly Exceeding Your Specially Quoted, Unpublished Discount, Business Gift Pricing.
  • Comparable Cables Are Not In Convenient Retail Settings.
  • Recipient’s Daily Use Results In Continuous Appreciation of Your Brand.
  • Your Gift Has Superior Materials, Workmanship, and Originality.
  • Your Messaging is Permanently Affixed.

Fundraising Can Be Both FUN and EASY IF You Are Selling Cool Stuff…

Everyone Always NEEDS Another Cable…

And Everybody Always WANTS Cool Stuff…

You Know It’s Time to Quit Selling Candy and Giving Everyone You Know “Sudden Onset Diabetes”.  Let Us Help You Do That!

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Regardless of if you are shopping for a “Better Business Gift” for your customers,

an easier to sell more profitable product for your organization’s fundraising campaign,

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