How We Came To Be

For 20 years, the TV show ‘How It’s Made’ was my job. I sold personal protective equipment (PPE) to distributors who would take me into their customers’ factories to talk to the safety directors about my products. I’ve seen the materials and processes of 1,000’s of products being made. 20 years of flying a quarter million miles a year got old. I started a company. I used materials and processes in a way never done for our type of product. Our products were less expensive and had superior qualities. 11 years and 2 patents later, I retired from that company.

Retirement bored me.  A friend sarcastically suggested I go be the world’s first car salesperson more concerned about if a customer was happy than if I made a sale.  I did just that. The first customer I said hello to said he was just looking, and I replied I was just trying to get out of the house so my wife didn’t ‘honey do’ me to death, and I really didn’t care if he bought anything or not, so now that we had that out of the way, what would happen today in a perfect world? USB cables entered the picture because cars started coming equipped with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. I started buying “short cables” to give customers as a “thank you” business gift.  Problem was there were no really cool short cell phone cables, no way to put my name and phone number on them, and the few available were ridiculously priced for their quality

“If you want something done right, do it yourself’ never factors in you have to have been in the right place at the right time to learn how to do something yourself. My 20 years in and out of factories was the right place and time. Our products provide everything I was frustrated trying to find… top notch quality, design originality, and fair, value-based pricing, all in the same product.  What is our definition of success? If God forbid, you’re ever robbed, as you hand over your valuables, without thinking you blurt out “Take my phone, but PLEEEEASE, leave my cable”, then we’re getting there.  You will not find a cable anywhere you will be more happy with.

Our Product Design Philosophy

If border collies designed cell phone cables, our cables would be those cables. Border collies are generally acknowledged to be the most intelligent breeds of all dogs. Which is why I was confused when someone told me any dog except a border collie can change a light bulb in 5 minutes, but it takes a border collie 6 hours. Answering the puzzled look on my face, they explained a border collie would take 6 hours, because they’re going to rewire your entire house while they’re there anyway, just in case faulty wiring is why the last light bulb burned out.

This is Breeze, the official company border collie when she was 4 months old. After countless throws of her flying disc, she would intently watch it for hours, because just in case it turned into a miniature flying saucer and little green men started streaming out, she was going to be ready! She’s over 10 years old now, but still that focused on anything she does, as we are on giving you high quality, unique, value priced cell phone cables. She is the inspiration for our Animal Lover’s Paw Prints Cell Phone Cable.

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