Cable Customizing Options Make YOUR Cables Memorable

Regardless if you’re Director of Marketing Communications for a Fortune 500 company, an entrepreneur starting a business in your garage, or anything in-between,

Better Business Gifts has cell phone cable customization options to fit the comfort zones of your budget and minimum order quantity capabilities.

Bagging with Your Business Card

No minimum cable purchase quantity.

Provided free on request.

Larger bag sizes also available.

Labeling on Your Cables

Available on nylon braided cables without beading.

Minimum quantity is only 25 cables.

Clear or white labels.  Black, white, blue, red, or green printing.

PMS color numbers of our printing are available on request.

Cable Length

We classify cables as Short (9.5 to 14.5 inches) or Long (38.5 to 50.0 inches).

We can manufacture any type of cable we offer to any specified length desired (minimum quantities vary from item to item).

Just open your 26th branch and want a 26 inch cable to give away? We can do that.

 Cabling & Connector Colors

The nylon braided cable sheathing can be single color, multi-color braided in a number of patterns, or PMS color # specific.

Connectors can be metallic or solid colors.  Solid colors can be PMS color # specific.

Inquire for minimum order quantities for your custom color requirements.

 Connector Imprinting

There are 3 options available for connector imprinting; laser etching, silk-screen printing, and full color digital printing in 600dpi CMYK color.

Connector imprinting is also available for both the large and small connectors, and both sides of a connector.

Quantity requirements vary based on the variables desired.  Please consult for specifics.

Laser Etching

Silk-screen Printing

Full Color Digital Printing

Customized Beading

Beading can be symbolic via bead color, such as the red, white, & blue cable to the right.

Letter beads can spell out most anything, and are great for cables used for safety awards, spelling things like “Safety First” to use cables as a safety award.

There are also symbolic beads, such as pink ribbons for breast cancer awareness, or paw prints for veterinary industry companies.

Putting It All Together – A Hypothetical Example

A few years ago, John Deere started installing media consoles in some of their equipment that is Apple CarPlay compatible.

If we had been in business at that time, and John Deere had asked for a cable-based business gift solution for spreading the word about that exciting product development, here is what we likely would have recommended they consider.

  • Braided nylon cabling that is John Deere green.
  • Metallic connectors that are John Deere yellow.
  • John Deere green logo silkscreen on both sides of the large connector.
  • 10 Apple shaped beads, to symbolize that John Deere is available with Apple CarPlay, with the number 10 being a subliminal reference to quality via the unspoken “on a 1 to 10 scale…”.

Let’s Have A Conversation

Regardless of if you are shopping for a “Better Business Gift” for your customers,

an easier to sell more profitable product for your organization’s fundraising campaign,

if you have ANY questions about customizing, then we need to talk !!! 

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