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Product Questions2021-04-20T15:57:09-05:00

What are the specs for labeling on cables?

Labels are 2” wide. Standard label colors are clear and white. Label imprinting is available in 5 colors – Black * White * Red (PMS #185 C) * Blue (PMS #293 C) * Green (PMS # 354 C).

Do beads on USB cables have a function other than decoration?

Yes, when leaving a short cable plugged into your vehicle, slide the beads to the end the phone connector is on to weigh the cable down keeping it conveniently out of the way.

Are products always restocked when sold out?

No, if you like a product, we suggest you purchase it then. Others sell a wholesale factory’s standard products, so their re-order process is simple. Our products are all custom manufactured to our specifications, designs, and testing protocols, so our re-order process involves manufacturing runs of multiple products being bundled, availability of materials, including hand-made beads, and more complex factors.  We also may upgrade, evolve, or enhance a product where the previous version is no longer available.

Shipping Questions2021-04-20T15:55:25-05:00

Does Better Business Gifts drop-ship from your factories?

No, all orders are shipped from our inventory of over 20,000 cables.

What is normal shipment processing time?

Within 72 hours from receipt of order.

Who do you ship with?

Usually the US Postal Service, but occasionally UPS or Fed Ex.

Will you ‘gift ship’ if your products are purchased as a gift?

Yes, and we also offer eGift Cards.

What if Next or 2nd Day shipping instead of ground is desired?

That can be done on a customer paid basis.

Discounts & Purchasing Questions2021-04-20T15:54:04-05:00

Are there volume discounts?

Yes. They are computed automatically at check-out.

Are there reseller discounts?

Yes. Please contact us for details.

Are there purchasing for fundraising sales discounts?

Yes.  Please contact us for details.

Are there discounts for salespeople whose employer does not provide business gifts for customers?

Yes, tell us about your situation.

Will there be discounts only offered through your newsletter or blog?


Do I have to purchase through your online store?

Orders from businesses & organizations who are not structured to purchase online will be accommodated as necessary.  All customized orders will be generated on a quotation basis.  Orders from individuals are via the online store only.

Apple-related Questions2021-08-06T09:32:45-05:00

Why do pictures of your connectors of cables for iPhones not look like the connectors of my other cables?

We’ve been told some believe Apple has an inclination to sue excessively, even in matters of images being used solely to be informative, not to utilize the proprietary intellectual property of others. Our inclination is to err on the side of caution. If we indicate one of our cables is for use with an iPhone, it is. If you experience one of our cables not connecting, charging, or transferring data, we will replace or refund, your choice.

Are your cell phone cables MFI Certified?

No, MFI (made for iPod) is a program Apples started 16 years ago in 2005 for iPOD, at a time when cable manufacturing was much more of a “wild west” regarding product quality. In the last 15 years, cable manufacturing, as an industry, has matured greatly. Connector chip circuitry to protect against over-heating, over-charging, power surges, etc. are used in the higher quality products like ours.

Some refer to MFI-certifies as an Apple facilitated protection program. Others consider it an ‘Apple Tax’ or a co-marketing program.  We leave that determination to others. Today numerous other certifications also assure manufacturing quality, such as UL, ISO, & CE. Our cables are tested to the same exacting standards, but by our manufacturing factory’s in-house QA/QC department rather than a third-party testing facility sharing revenue with Apple. We have sold 10’s of 1,000’s of cables for use with iPhones before even having a website, and not had a single cable returned for not able to transfer data or charge.  For these reasons, our cables are not MFI Certified. Our cables are for the customer who considers MFI certified to be more of an “Apple Tax” than a protection program, and prefers the lower cost of in-house rather than third party testing.

Other Questions2021-04-20T15:51:54-05:00

What if I want a product for our company’s business gifts I haven’t seen anywhere?

Our company’s founder spent 20 years in factories watching 1,000’s of different product being manufactured. Odds are we probably know where what you want can be made, and will gladly work with you on sourcing. This is a free service. Either we deliver a sample, a price, and minimum order quantity, or our best thoughts on where to go next.

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