Fundraising That’s FUN Means Selling Cool Stuff People Want

FUN is when buyers haven’t seen what you are selling before and are eager to buy something they need and want.

Best of all, FUN is when you know they aren’t just buying so you’ll buy from them when they’re fundraising.

Perfect for Sales To Raise Funds

Everyone NEEDS another cell phone cable. Everyone WANTS the quality, originality, and pricing of the cool cables you are selling. Some organization customize one of our products to sell, keeping the purchasing decision simply “How many do you want?”. Others offer a variety of our products, keeping the purchasing decision simply “Which one do you want?”

Perfect for Fundraising Events

Why not commemorate your fundraising event for all attendees with a cable labeled appropriately, given to attendees during registration as a thank you? A fundraising “thank you” gift is to non-profit organizations what a “business gift” is to for-profit businesses.

Tell Us About Your Event

Product Examples for Fundraising


So, What About the Numbers?

We tailor programs for organizations so if they are selling products for our website prices, they can see their organization’s portion of selling price be over 50% of selling price, and in some instances, as high as 65%!

There are a lot of moving parts that determine how high your organization’s profits will be, which is why we look forward to a conversation about your organization, your fundraising goals, and the demographics of your fundraising sales campaign’s target audience. Ours is not a “one size fits all” fundraising program.

The most important number is 1. This is the 1 product your members are going to have FUN selling. This is the 1 product those you sell to both want and need. Most importantly, this is 1 fundraising option there has never been anything else like.

Let’s Have A Conversation

If you are still reading this page, then something here makes sense to you and seems like a possible good fit for your organization. The next step is to let us show you how genuinely committed we our to the sale of our products helping others make the world a better place. Contact us how you like… our contact form, email, or even a good old fashioned phone call!

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